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An Autumn Full of Contemporary Art in West Sweden!

17 oktober 2023 Artists talk with Annica Kvint and the artists Marko Cesarec, Lars Embäck and Anne Marte Overaa about the exibition Lost Days/New Days


Picture above: Anne Marte Overaa. The award Unsung was created as part of the project To Whom it May Concern at the invitation of and with support of Konstfrämjandet Norrbotten. Photo: Marko Cesarec in Högsbo.

15 september–19 november 2023 Lost Days/New Days Marko Cesarec, Lars Embäck and Anne Marte Overaa in Högsbotorp.

GIBCA Extended is both a network and a public program that
gathers the contemporary art scenes and venues of Västra
Götaland Region. Each edition of GIBCA Extended offers a
platform for artists, curators, galleries and art spaces. Their
individual programs and exhibitions consolidate and explore
new perspectives on the biennal’s theme.

Lars Embäck's studio can be visited at ADDO, Borrgatan 4, Saturday 2/9 12-17

Supermarket, Stockholm 11-14 May 2023, with the Artist's Association Aura

Lars Embäck, The Trace, collage and ink on paper 43x45 cm

Vet ni! Groupexibition at Galleri Ping-Pong 7-28 January 2023

Lars Embäck

Mummy's Gaze and Card Players – Together, charcoal on panel and photo print




spleen nordic

A father and a mother are scarred in separate traffic accidents. In the family home, the effects of their trauma ring like an echo in the lives of their children.

Several decades later, Lars Embäck explores and processes memories of a compli­cated childhood through writing, drawing and collage. In parallel, the past as it has been preserved in medical records, official transcripts, photographs and newspaper cuttings are open to him and the reader. Together, the two parts reflect each other like changeable repetitions in an elusive pattern.

"Family Life" is the culmination of more than two decades of exhibitions, art­works and installations in which the artist Lars Embäck has tried to address the legacy of his difficult childhood and his relationship to his troubled parents.

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gibca extended/spleen nordic 2021

texts: Ulf Peter Hallberg, Thomas Millroth and Lars Embäck